Linda Smith

Linda is a licensed state board approved Nursing Home Administrator in current good standing without any sanctions on her license.

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Linda is members with American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and is members with Psychology Today, and Tennessee Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  

Linda Smith is a graduate of NorthCentral University with a Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She currently accepts new clients.  Go to Legacy Life Care Programs at 

Linda's State Licensed Credentialing:

Linda holds the Tennessee Nursing Home Administrator license.  Linda has serviced in various health care facilities throughout Tennessee.  Linda served on various corporate level positions as the regional administrator, and, or corporate liaison Administrative support person in long term and assisted living and rehabilitative facilities.  Linda has worked on a panel with other health care professional level consultants both throughout Tennessee, providing consultation to other specialists in the areas.  Linda has performed out of network and in network adult care and subacute senior supports during Linda's travels as a social service consultant to Oklahoma and East Tennessee areas, often staying on site locations to complete corporate goals with outside corporate entities. 

Level of Expertise:

Linda holds a Master Level Degree from TSU-in Strategic Leadership and has helped stabilize survey outcome, has helped to move in new administrators into various facilities throughout Tennessee areas.  Linda is capable of managing small or larger group or outpatient/inpatient mental health homes, nursing homes, assisted living homes, adult care programs while teaming a team through leadership.  Through her initiatives, she has awarded districts and local health care providers with awards for outstanding nursing homes while working at top corporate levels as a trouble shooter.

Current Achievements:

Winning top accolades and awards, Linda won "Who's Who Among Outstanding College Students in America".  Linda recently won recognition for being nominated from North Central University with being selected from her peers and professors and the Association of The National Society of Leadership and Success for Spring/Semester 2020 recognition.

Linda has currently held several credits to her credentials.  One statement made by our corporate President and CEO of Legacy Life Care Programs, when asked by one peer's comment, says that."-Retrieved from Archives credited to being a corporate sought-after advantage, Linda has remediated several company's deficiencies and helped stabilize how staff retentions, and top-level corporate managed financials have influenced all who find outcomes beneficial results to their employees and staff," as Linda has opened new state of the art facilities-Contact Linda for corporate oversight today.

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